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Acrylic Crack Filler – TERRACO

Acrylic Filler is a ready to use filler for use on all common building surfaces, including timber. It gives a high quality, even surface for painting. Acrylic Filler is specifically manufactured for the painter to repair and touch up exterior and interior surfaces, both new and old, prior to painting. It is designed for filling joints, hairline cracks etc. by hand application. Unlike conventional fillers, Acrylic Filler has elastic properties, does not flake off, is permanent and retains its adhesion. Acrylic Filler is a quick drying ready-mixed paste formulated using acrylic binders and precisely graded white marble powder.

Dry Stucco

Dry Stucco is used as a decorative coating for:
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Exterior walls
  • Material in architecture
  • Construction metal
  • Expanded metal lath
  • Concrete cinder block
  • Clay brick
  • Structural material

Handycoat Gypsum Joint Compound – TERRACO

Handycoat Gypsum Joint Compound is a ready to use filler for use as a jointing compound and skim coat for gypsum boards. It can also be used as a skim coat for most building surfaces including sand/cement render. It gives a smooth, uniform surface for painting and is especially suitable for repairing and touching up interior surfaces, both old and new, prior to painting. Handycoat Gypsum Joint Compound can be used to fill in joints, hairline cracks, etc. It does not flake off, is permanent and retains its adhesion. Handycoat Gypsum Joint Compound is made from a selected blend of polymers and graded fillers. It has the following properties. <ul> <li>Easy to sand and fast drying</li> <li>Easy to use</li> <li>Good adhesion</li> <li>Good jointing properties</li> <li>Vapour permeable</li> <li>Environmentally friendly</li>

Handycoat Stucco Putty – TERRACO

Handycoat Stucco Putty is a ready to use filler and skim-coat for most building surfaces, including sand / cement render and gypsum board. It has an extra fine particle size to give a high quality even surface for painting. Handycoat Stucco Putty is specially manufactured for the painter to repair and touch up interior surfaces, both old and new, prior to painting. PROPERTIES Handycoat Stucco Putty is made from a selected blend of acrylic polymers and precisely graded fillers. The product is:
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not flake off.
  • Has high adhesion power.
  • Has high coverage.
  • Quick drying.
  • Vapour permeable

Maxi Acrylic Mastic – TERRACO

Maxi Acrylic Mastic is an economical general-purpose, one-pack acrylic joint mastic and crack repair filler, for interior and exterior use. It forms a water-resistant joint and a dust and damp proof seal in situations too demanding for normal mastics. Maxi Acrylic Mastic is available in white and grey colors. Maxi Acrylic Mastic is a blend of pure acrylic polymers and precisely graded fillers and pigments. The product has the following
  • Waterproof.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Permanent flexibility (+ 15%) of original joint size.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be over coated after drying,
  • High adhesion to most building surfaces.
  • Economica

Maxi Tile Paste – TERRACO

Maxi Tile paste is an economical, high quality, all-purpose acrylic adhesive for tiles and clinkers. It is ideally suited for use on exterior and interior surfaces of concrete, plasterboard, etc. Maxi Tilepaste is ready-mixed and easy to apply by notched trowel. Maxi Tile paste is formulated from a mixture of precisely graded, crushed fillers, with an acrylic binder and special additives to improve plasticity and adhesion.

Pluggit 311 – TERRACO

Terraco Pluggit 311 is a one-component rapid setting repair mortar which is used to stop water leakages in concrete and masonry. Terraco Pluggit 311 is shrinkage compensated and hence creates a watertight repair even under constant water pressure. Terraco Pluggit 311 is used to repair concrete or masonry surfaces where running water or moisture seepage is present. It is suitable for use to fill static cracks and holes in foundations, tunnels, reservoirs, sewerage pipes, basements, water tanks, etc.

RAK White Cement

White cement is used to produced brightly colored concrete and mortars. It is used for interior and exterior decoration because of its whiteness. White cement is used in roads to increase the visibility to highway medians. It is used in fixing marble tiles, sheathing of walls, floors, and roofs.

Styroskim Putty – TERRACO

Styroskim Putty is a ready to use flexible filler and skim coat for fine leveling of Terraco EIFS basecoat surfaces (Styrobond DP applied surface) and other masonry substrates. It gives a high quality even surface for painting. Styroskim Putty is specially manufactured for Terraco EIFS System and sheathing board joint systems. For EIFS: It is recommended to level out and build up thicknesses when the final finish coating used is a low profile or smooth coating. Due to its excellent adhesion, flexibility and enhanced impact resistance, it is used for sheathing board jointing and skimming of internal and external walls and ceilings.


Terrabond A is an extremely versatile bonding agents for use with all cementitious materials, lime washes, plasters, etc. It can be used to pre-treat substrates as an adhesion-promoting agent and as a primer/ sealer for decorative coatings. Terrabond A is a highly concentrated and economical-to-use product, specifically developed for the most demanding situation. It increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of mortars and reduces the water/ cement ratio. Terrabond A can be used with confidence on all exterior and interior surfaces. Terrabond A is a non-toxic, non-inflammable, acrylic resin